Insurance 101

Learn about Turo's coverage and protection plans for hosts.

A USD$1 million liability insurance policy for hosts comes standard for all vehicles listed on Turo in the United States, and we also cover physical damage to your vehicle during a trip — no matter which Turo-provided vehicle protection plan you choose. Or, if you’re a rental car company, you can waive these host protections (liability and physical damage protection) and provide your own insurance to your guests for a bigger piece of the pie.*

The Standard plan is the default option and offers hosts the solid protection described above. You pocket 70% of the trip price.

For hosts seeking more peace of mind, the Premium plan also covers exterior wear and tear, as well as loss of trip income if your vehicle ever needs repairs related to covered damage. For this added protection you get 65% of the trip price.

The Basic plan is for hosts willing to share the risk to pocket more earnings. It does not cover wear and tear or loss of income when your vehicle is out of commission due to damage related to a booking. It also has a “shared” deductible, meaning Turo pays 20% of the first $3,750 of damage costs to your car, and 100% after that. You retain 85% of the trip price.

For more details about all the host protection plans, visit here.

If you change your mind, you can enroll in a new plan at any time — but any change you make will only apply to future trip requests. If you’re a car rental company, you can rely on your own commercial rental insurance to cover you and your guests. You’ll waive all Turo protections, including the liability protection, physical damage protection, and roadside assistance, but you’ll walk away with 90% of the trip price.

Do I need my own vehicle insurance?

Yes, you still need your own insurance for your vehicle.

Because our vehicle protection plans cover trips booked on Turo only, you are still required to carry your own insurance in order to comply with the law.

If you’ve chosen to provide your own commercial insurance, you’ll need to file any claim according to your internal insurance processes. Since you will have waived Turo protections, Turo and its insurers will not be responsible for any damage claims during a trip.

For hosts opted into Turo’s vehicle protection plans, the Turo vehicle protection plan you chose will act as primary coverage for damage that occurs during a trip. Your own insurance — which likely has an exclusion for coverage when you engage in car sharing — should not be affected in most cases. If you have chosen to provide your own commercial insurance and waived Turo protections, any damage to your vehicle or liability to a third party during a trip will be covered by your commercial policy.

What happens if my vehicle gets into an accident?

In the rare case that your vehicle is involved in an accident, your guest should report it immediately. If you notice damage at the end of the trip, please report it immediately at To ensure coverage, hosts must report damage within 24 hours of the end of the trip. A representative from our Claims team will then contact you and guide you through the process.

To help ensure coverage for your vehicle, we require that you take clear photos at the start of each trip, and at the end of each trip if you see new damage. Use our in-app check-in and checkout features to take and save the photos.

If you have additional questions regarding selecting among these options, please consult your insurance professional, or contact us at, and we will direct you to our insurance broker.


Liability coverage

Liability coverage protects hosts against lawsuits for bodily injury and property damage to third parties that occurred during the trip period.

Loss of trip income

Loss of trip income is compensation for the potential earnings that you might be losing due to vehicle damage caused by a covered event. Only our Premium plan covers loss of trip income. We calculate loss of trip income based on your earnings history for the vehicle and the reasonable number of days your vehicle is in the shop.

Physical damage

Physical damage coverage protects your vehicle against collision and most comprehensive events during the reservation. Collision is when two vehicles hit each other or when a single vehicle hits an object. Comprehensive is other property damage to the vehicle that isn’t a collision, like theft, fire, animal impacts, vandalism and falling objects.

Wear and tear

Wear and tear is damage occurring from the normal use of your vehicle. Only our Premium plan covers exterior wear and tear, including dings, dents, cracks or scratches to the exterior body of the vehicle that are three inches in diameter or less.

If you have additional questions regarding selecting among these options, please consult your insurance professional, or contact us at, and we will direct you to our insurance broker.