Getting started guide

Excited to kickstart your Turo business? Follow these steps to get ready for your next trip and set yourself up for success.

Update your calendar often

Keep your listing’s calendar up to date, and make sure to block off the days that your car is unavailable to avoid cancellations and poor guest experiences.

Give yourself enough lead time

Guests can normally book your car without waiting for you to approve each trip manually, but if you need time to prep before accepting a trip request, change your listing’s Book Instantly and advance notice settings in your Host Hub.

Make your listing pop

If you want to attract more guests, optimize your availability, upload high quality photos of your car, and adjust your settings to match seasonal demand.

Perfect your pricing

The easiest way to maximize your earnings is to price your car competitively. You can let Automatic Pricing do the work for you, or set your own daily rates.

Review check-in procedure

Prepare for each trip using your trip checklist — you’ll check in each guest by checking their license, snapping a few pre-trip pics of your car, and jotting down your mileage, fuel or battery level, and any pre-existing damage.

Read up on claims and insurance

If your car ever gets damaged or stolen, you’ll be able to file a claim within 24 hours of the end of the trip. Turo has partnered with a third-party claims system, which will review your claim and help settle up any damage that falls under your Turo protection plan. In addition, you can get reimbursed for cleaning, excess mileage, fuel replacement, tickets, and tolls.