MPD150 is an independent, community-based initiative challenging the narrative that police exist to protect and serve. In 2017, on the 150th anniversary of the Minneapolis Police Department, the group produced a performance evaluation of the MPD based on historical research and interviews with community members.

They’ve put forth some interesting arguments for abolishing police through a gradual process of strategically reallocating resources, funding, and responsibility away from police and toward community-based models of safety, support and prevention.

“The people who respond to crises in our community should be the people who are best-equipped to deal with those crises. Rather than strangers armed with guns, who very likely do not live in the neighborhoods they’re patrolling, we want to create a space for more mental health service providers, social workers, victim/survivor advocates, religious leaders, neighbors and friends—all of the people who really make up the fabric of a community—to look out for one another.”

“Building a Police Free Future: Frequently Asked Questions”