The same day that 19-year-old activist Oluwatoyin “Toyin” Salau posted about her rapist on Twitter and chronicled the incident in detail, she went missing. Her body was later found and her murder received little to no coverage by the media.

Just hours before her disappearance, Toyin tweeted “Silence is the best weapon for some but not for me I will not be silenced.” She also posted about how she had been molested by a man on Richview and Park Ave., who came to her as a “man of God.” He offered to drive her to a nearby church she had been staying at for the past few days so she could go and collect her belongings. She had even given out the details of his appearance: “Mid 40’s lives in a gray painted duplex apartment-style house drives a white clean Silverado Chevrolet truck.” A short while later, she was dead. 

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